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** Welcome To ZachNews **

ZachNews is an independent news service that covers news, weather, traffic, sports, politics, and events effecting Needles, California as well as county, state, national, and international news.

ZachNews started in Needles, California at 12:58pm PT on Thursday, January 21st, 2010.

Since beginning, ZachNews has been a self funded independent news service and has always welcome donations to help keep independent news alive in our community.

ZachNews works hard checking facts, confirming information and names, and reporting without bias on news stories, both the good and the bad, that are affects the people.

Thanks to our many fans and followers for making ZachNews their new source for local news and local breaking news.

Zachary A. Lopez

ZachNews President, General Manager, and Photojournalist

Sunday, January 1st, 2017


5 thoughts on “About ZachNews”

  1. Zach, when do you think you will get the June 11th council meeting posted to YouTube?

  2. Howdy reporter, I just heard from a friend who know s of Mr. Jimmy Small who was at the secret meeting yesterday with Nick Panchev’s group of Toxic Tort Towns. THere will no more gatherings at Santa Fe Park, and no more Panchevs group in Needles. Not only that, by wow, Erin Brockovich will replace them in Needles. Ya right, Erin does not like this Russian jerk. Now that they are gone for good, ya they are scammers, the City Hall Councils do not have to be worry. The City Manager will Kick this Russian S.O.B a$$ and kick him out of Needles. THe City of Needles won. Thanks God for the help, we do not need those fraudsters.

  3. Zach oct 2 2014 ,one vehicle got stuck in the sand to others. Trying to pull it out 30 in the mornby 830 in the morning they were towed away.they want an outrageous rate to get them out of the tow yard.41 it was on the edge of the desert 2 to get there you have to cross private property 3 they weren’t there 4 hours 5.cell phone in one of the vehicles,and keys and wallet in another.I’m not the smartest person in the world but I wouldn’t soon it’s something happens and people were missing from their cars and try to investigate.the woman left her phone and wallet on the front seat of her expedition and they were still owed not filing missing persons or anything.the expedition is residences on san clemente 1 block away view of vehiclesnobody was notified to get the vehicles or to see if occupants owners were okay.so with almost 2,500 to get the three vehicles out we have to forfeit because nobody will help and the police are lying about itand I did not see bright orange stickers on any of the vehicles.me being not so smart the vehicle, code say in California there should be a tow away sign somewhere in there area 24 hours before the cars were there.I have children that go to needles high school and so on I have no vehicle extracurricular activities groceries workand now in two of our cases doctors.in the meantime on the phone being hung up by (TOE TRUCK) companyon left with I don’t know what to do.I pay my taxes with property also online West Broadway my father owns a business and needles also with a good tax paying record.Zach I don’t know what else to do and you were my second option besides googling vehicle codesI love the paper you write your honest and forthright with all the iformation and business and social political news in needles California.maybe you could shine a light on the sheriff’s for lying in tow truck for fraud.please contact me back we’ve been doing our own investigations in we would be happy to sharethank you very much sincerely Tracy Dan Ruth

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