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**** Local Traffic: ****

Here are a few of the traffic related incidents and construction projects happening in the Needles, California area.


**** Traffic Alert!!: ****

  • Incident: West Broadway, Needles Highway, and North K Street Reopened: Interstate 40 / Arizona Highway 95 Connector: #NeedlesJam2
  • Affected Area: West Broadway from Needles Highway to Walnut Street; Needles Highway from L Street to O Street; and North K Street from Race Street to Needles Highway
  • Location: Needles, California

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With a majority of the paving work completed, all lanes of West Broadway, Needles Highway, and North K Street reopened to traffic at 4:22pm PT on Friday, May 19th, 2017.

For the last few days, construction crews have been laying out new asphalt along North K Street from River Road to Needles Highway, West Broadway from Walnut Street to Needles Highway and Needles Highway from O Street to North K Street as traffic use residential streets as a detour to get around the closure.

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  • Incident: Interstate 40 overpass along Needles Highway: Construction Work Under Interstate 40 Overpass
  • Affected Area: Needles Highway at Q Street
  • Location: Downtown Needles, California

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As of 2:00pm PT on Monday, May 1st, 2017, construction crews are doing work under the Interstate 40 overpass along Needles Highway at Q Street in Needles, California.

Motorists going east and west can still get by the construction zone, but be prepare for some slowing in the area.



Please driver safely, always pay attention to the roadway and what’s around you, always yield to first responders that are going to an emergency with lights and sirens on, always slow for the construction zone, never drive into a flooded roadway, and never drink and drive or text and drive. 

News from Needles, California.

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